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Thermochromic - Heat Sensitive Pigment

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Sometimes called: Thermo-chromatic, Thermo, Color Changing, Heat Sensitive, Temperature Reactive Pigment Powders.

These pigments come in a range of Colors and Temperature Ranges.

Glomania currently manufactures 2 temp ranges 21C and 32C. However, we do that the capabilities to cover ranges from -5 to 72C.

We currently have 14 colors of Thermochromic pigment Color to Clear and 10 colors of Color to Color and Color to Color to Clear in both 21 and 32C, as these are the most popular for Nail Art, Crafting and Art projects.

You can mix pigments together to achieve different colors and also mix temperature ranges to create multiple color changing pigments or mix with clear mediums to create paints, dyed resins!

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Manufacturer Glomania
Pigment Types Thermochromic Pigment
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