Specialist Paints and Pigments

Specialist Pigments and Paints include: Thermochromic, Photochromic, Hydrochromic and Chameleon. Thermochromic: These are color changing particles that react to heat. During this process, as the temperature warms up the colors slowly change to white/clear. Photochromic: Sun Re-Active UV color changing pigments. Going from a clear/white base color to a bright color. Once changed these colors will revert back to their original state in a darkened environment with no UV rays. Hydrochromic: Yes water activated paint ONLY, this is a white base product that dries to a white finish. Once dry these paints react with water making them turn from White to Clear... Showing what ever is painted underneath. Chameleon: Pigment and Paints that optically reflect back as different colors depending on the angle you are looking at them.
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