ProFX Glow in the Dark Paints

Glomania's standard the ProFX range of Glow in the Dark paints to offer the purest, highest quality Strontium Aluminate doped pigments within a specially formulated crystal clear medium. These paints were initially designed for the discerning artist and Cosmic Star Ceiling artist, we produce two ranges of these paints "Visible" and "Invisible". The difference between the two ranges is: VISIBLE glow in the Dark Paints and Pigments, these are colored to be seen during the day and come in 12 assorted colors, yet glow brightly both under UV Black light and with NO light at all. INVISIBLE Glow in the Dark Paint and Pigments, these are either called WHITE or NATURAL during the day and on White to off white surfaces are virtually invisible to the naked eye. Again these are Glow in the Dark and come in 8 current colors. The medium used in our Glow in the Dark ProFX paint was developed to suspend these crystal particles so that they do not fall to the bottom of the pot making it easier to use and apply. Glomania manufactures the crystals so we know the quality of our products and what is expected of them. We have the highest concentration of Glow in the Dark crystals within our ProFX range of paints than any other on the market.
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