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UV Black Light Pigment

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There are 2 main types of UV Black Light Re-Active Pigment Powders, Visible and Invisible.

UV Visible Black Light Pigments:

These are DAY COLORED pigments that under UV Black Light fluoresce a specific color.

UV Invisible Black Light Pigments:

These are a WHITE base in color and ONLY under UV Black Light with the color appear in either Green, Yellow, Blue or Red.

Both of these pigments are highly susceptible to UV Black Light that excites the pigment powder molecules and reflects back the visual color at a higher optical wave length. This makes the pigments look “BRIGHTER” in daylight than conventional pigment colors and also makes them “POP” or FLUORESCE brighter under UV Black Light in a darkened room. These pigments can be mixed with a variety of clear mediums to get the desired effect.

These pigments DO NOT glow in the dark without a light source.

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Manufacturer Glomania
Pigment Types UV Neon Pigment
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