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GloMania USA specializes in a range of pigment powders suitable for a number of individual uses.

Our product range includes Glow in the dark, UV Neon, Thermochromic and Photochromic pigment powders Each has its own individual characteristics and uses.

Glow in the Dark Pigment Powders:

These come in 2 types visible glow in the dark and invisible glow in the dark, the difference being what you see during the day.

Glow in the Dark Invisible pigments are white or off white in the day and Glow a specific color in the dark .

Glow in the Dark Visible on the other hand are a visible color in the day and glow its respective color in the dark.

Both powders are activated by light and as they are a crystalline base they charge and emit an ambient glow with either Sun light ( UV Rays) UV Black Light or even incandescent lighting. Once charged they can emit a glow with NO light present.

UV Neon Black Light Pigment Powders:

These too come in to styles UV Visible Black Light and UV Invisible black light same as above. The mjor difference between these pigments and Glow in the Dark pigments is that UV Neon Black light pigment powders need a UV Black light soursce to make them Fluoresce. They DO NOT glow in the dark and without UV Black light they cannot be seen in the dark.

Thermochromic Pigment Powders:

As the name states these are superfine pigments that change color under heat, they can go from colorless to color, color to color and color to colorless. We are able to control temperature change rates some immediate some slow over time as a temperature rises. Tempetarture variation ranges start from about -5 degs all the way up to 150 degs. We hold stocks of the most popular thermochromic pigment powders 21 and 32 deg. 

Photochromic Pigment Powders:

These use the natural rays of the sun to make them alter in color. Photochromic Pigments go from color to colorless and colorless to color only in direct sunlight.

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