Pigment Powders

Specialist in Glow in the Dark and UV Black Light Neon pigment powders as well as Thermochromic, Hydrochromic, Photochromic and Chameleon Color changing pigments, dyes and powders

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  1. As low as $9.99
    Glow in the dark & UV Black light Garage Floor & Table top Flake
    Glomania Glow in the Dark and UV Reactive Garage floor and Table Top flake is designed to be placed in a 2 part or single epoxy coating. These super fine flakes create a great atmosphere in the dark. Using the natural rays of the sun the glow in the dark range will glow for hours in the dark. Our UV Neon Black light flakes require the use of UV Black light so they can fluoresce and be seen in the dark. Learn More
  2. $12.99
    Thermochromic Heat Sensitive Color Changing Pigment

    Thermochromic or Chromatic pigments are designed to change color under temperature changes. We can produce most colors from 5deg to 97deg. Our standard range are 22deg and 31deg C and change from either Color to Clear, Color to Color to Clear or Color to Color. These pigments can be used in a variety of projects from Inks, T-Shirts, Mugs or anything you want to show when heat reaches it. All our prigments are reversable, meaning they will change back to their original color time and time again

    Learn More
  3. As low as $12.50
    UV Invisible Neutral Pigment
  4. As low as $6.50
    UV Neon Visible Black Light Pigment
  5. As low as $18.99
    Chameleon Directional Color Changing Pigment
  6. As low as $7.50
    GDI & GDV Large Grain Sand Crystals
  7. As low as $7.50
    Hydrochromic Water Activated Pigment
  8. As low as $7.50
    GDI Invisible Neutral Pigment
  9. As low as $7.50
    GDV Visible Glowing Pigment
  10. As low as $6.99
    Medium Additives & Thinners
    Glomania Additives and mediums are designed to work with our specially formulated mediums and carriers. Glomania paint medium is created to suspend our pigments and glow in the dark crystals so they do not fall to the bottom of a pot like other companies creating a hard base of crystals. We use our Medium Thinners and Air Brush additives to thin down the paint medium so it becomes more manageable for the project you are working on. Learn More

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