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Photochromic - Sun Activated Pigment

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Sometimes called - Photo-chromatic, Photochromic, Sun Activated, Solar, Color Changing Pigments.

These are specially designed pigments to work with Sun Light or UV Black Light.

The pigments excite under UV rays and turn the white base pigments to either, Sky Blue, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Dark Blue or a Rose Red color. The chemical reaction is pretty fast; however, it does take longer for the pigment to revert back to its original state of White / Off White.

These pigments are currently being used in a wide variety of projects, art crafts, Nail art, Slime, Goo etc. As the pigment is a super fine powder can be mixed with most clear mediums including Acrylics, Resins, Poly’s, Nail Varnish, Wood Varnishes, Latex just to name a few.

If you try to mix these pigments with colored mediums, they will not be able to draw the UV rays needed to change color. We offer a full range of colors presently with more colors to be added at a later day. Check out our Video's and How To's.

Photochromic Color changing pigments are solar activated meaning they need UV Rays for them to change color.

UV Suns rays or UV Black Light can be used to create the same / similar effects. These pigments are great for use in Nail


Photochromic Nail Art

These are great when working with Goo and Slime. WHY : Because this is a new option for your kids to make.
Imagine the magic of taking your recently created Goo or Slime outside and watching it change color.
Therefore using this temperature will make the Goo and Slime change color faster and better.
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Manufacturer Glomania
Pigment Types Photochromic Pigment
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