UV Neon Invisible Paints

UV Neon Invisible Paints

uv-invisible-neon-reactive-acrylic-paintThis is a range of acrylic based paints that only react under UV Black Light.uv-invisible-paint-uv-reactive

As you can see during normal light conditions the paint is a white base. This acrylic paint will dry hard and clear making it virtually impossinble to see on white or off white surfaces. However the more paint you apply the less invisible it will become.

Under a UV Black Light it will fluorecs back in its original color, either Red, Yellow, Green, BlueWhite, White, Orange.

You could if your project requires a different type of paint medium, ie automotive or outdoors you may wish to purchase our Glomania UVI neon invisible UV Pigment.

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We are experts in the production and use of Glow in the Dark and UV reactive products.

GloMania was established in the UK in 1995 and specialized in the development and installation of Glow in the Dark and UV Blacklight Cosmic Star Ceilings. We began producing our own paints and found that other artists were interested in purchasing them.

We moved to our new location in Utah, USA in 2010 and continue to offer a full range of Glow in the Dark and UV Reactive products.