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ProFX Glow in the Dark Daytime Visible Acrylic Paint - 8 Color Set

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This is a set of 8 high grade Glow in the Dark Daytime Visible & UV Reactive Acrylic water based paints. They will glow their specified color in a darkened environment when fully charged, and are also visible under regular lighting conditions. Includes: Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Chartreuse, Lilac, Orange, Baby Pink.
SDS available upon request.
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This is a set of 8 high grade Glow in the Dark Daytime Visible & UV Reactive Acrylic water based paints. Includes: Red, Green, Tangerine, Lilac, Chartreuse,Pink, Orange, & Blue. These paints NEED charging to keep them glowing. We use UV Black lights to help charge the paints in some cases. Black light fluoresces the paints brighter giving them that neon look during the day. In the dark they will glow their proprietary color. When fully dry they form a hard water resistant glossy finish. For greatest visual effect paint or spray onto a white or off-white surface.

Can be painted onto anything, however, the darker the background, the less reflective ambient light will be seen. With colored glow in the dark pigment based paints the color does NOT last as long as the glow. Once the crystals are FULLY charged the crystal will glow the color of the paint. Since they can't hold the same charge continuously, the glow color fades to an off-white after a while & then will continue to glow until it runs out of charge.

Please note: the paints are stored & shipped in a darkened environment, when you receive them they will need charging before they will glow properly. Place in direct sunlight for 20 seconds then take into a darkened room.

ProGLOW is a specially formulated Glow in the Dark Paint that is ideal for various Artistic, Commercial and Creative applications. Not suitable for young children unless supervised. These are Acrylic water based paints and dry to a hard clear waterproof finish, and are very difficult to remove later. GloMania USA cannot be held responsible for any misuse of our paints. Please note that you CANNOT mix the colors to create another color. Unlike normal paints which leach & mix, these are crystals and do not mix. please contact us before purchasing if you are unsure of your product needs.

Additional Information

Product Type Acrylic
Color Required No
Prop 65 No
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