Before you start off to the website, answer one question: what is it that you want to create, make or design? Is it creativity, fantasy, fun or work? Everyone knows that you need something , an idea or a concept to start any creative crafting project, whether it is designing the garage floor, making your fairy houses light up at night, or just painting an image that POPS in the dark. Within our website you will find some crazy ideas, or products that you never thought were available to purchase or create. Glow in the Dark is no longer those green plastic stars you had to stick on a ceiling to create a starscape, or hot things are not something that you cannot see but have to touch it to make sure it is cool enough, with Thermochromic products you can see just that. a color that changes to show heat. Or what about wanting to change your bathroom funky colored tiles, now you can paint them white, yet when the water hits those tiles they can change color. Check out more information throughout this blog site with How To's, Technical Knowledge, Ideas and Crafting Projects and Competitions.

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